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Traditional HackamoresTraditional Hackamores
Each Steve Lantvit Hackamore is hand-made and is a unique set. Our Hackamore's are the traditional style featuring a rawhide bosal noseband, mecate rein and hanger.

The bosal has a rawhide core and will fit most regular-sized horses (900-1300 lbs).

Since our Hackamores are all unique sets, they are not available for purchase online. Hackamore's are listed below. If you see a Hackamore that you would like to purchase, give us a call and we will confirm availability and process the order by phone at 574-339-2000. Also, please do not hesitate to call with any questions. Steve is more than happy to answer all of your questions.

Prices are listed below. Add Shipping $14.35. No Tax when shipping outside of Indiana.

Thank you.

$350 Blk/Br/Wht Horse Hair Mecate, 16-plait rawhide Bosal$250 Blk/Gray/Wht Horse Hair Mecate, 8-plait rawhide Bosal$250 Br/Gray/Wht Horse Hair Mecate, 8-plait rawhide Bosal
$450 Southwest Blk/Br/Wht/blu Mohair Mecate, 16-plait rawhide Bosal$350 Southwest Blk/Br/Wht/blu Mohair Mecate, 8-plait rawhide Bosal$350 Blk/Br with Wht Horse Hair Mecate, 16-plait rawhide Bosal